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What is around The M that could make or break your buying decision

Have you heard the announcement? The M is a new project by Wing Tai Holdings Limited, slated for completion somewhere in 2024? Powerfully located along Middle Road, an area famous for a lot of young attractions, activities and some 5-star hotels. This is where The M will be in the near future.

Here are some attractive entertainment options that are currently available around the new development, and some opportunities that may arise in the future:

Public Transport Network

First thing first, with such an attractive locale, you need to have a good transportation network and The M is in close proximity to Bugis MRT station. With easy-to-access route via Tan Quee Lan street and North Bridge Road, this should be a very attractive solution for the non-driving residents.

Bugis MRT is an underground station, with direct links to both Bugis Junction and DUO Galleria. This means that the station will always be thriving with hustle and bustle of every day’s life within the core of Bugis commercial district.

The train station not only allows you to travel around the island but will also prove to be a good social meetup place, as proven by the hordes of youngsters mingling and crowding the immediate area that includes Bugis Junction and Bugis Village just across the street.

Bugis shopping district

Everyone loves shopping. The shopping district is a combination of retailers that are made inside Bugis village; thus, shoppers are able to buy items from any of the shops within the hub. It is kind of once-in-a-lifetime experience for some and is still a better option for many shoppers. This is because they will be able to find everything in a single venue, instead of having to spend time commuting to different places for different items.

The shopping district has been designed to house everything for the millennials, as well as the Generation X folks, but if you are not among these generations, you can still find entertainment options around the neighbourhood that provides some worthy nostalgic feel that you may love.

Downtown Core

The Downtown Core is the best attraction centre in Singapore, hands-down. There is just so much in the Downtown Core, that your inner child will be screaming in joy. There is just so much, that only people who have seen the area know how you just gasp in awe when you see the place, and forget everything else.

Downtown Core is a good and friendly place to take your daily life’s stress out, and to have the best experience of your life unlike others.

Orchard Road

If you tired of walking the Bugis shopping district, you can invest your time on nearby Orchard Road, where you can find discount outlets, department stores, branded boutiques, international labels and so on. It also has an entire suite of food cuisines and chic cafes, which means that Orchard Road is the ultimate decision if you just want to have a little break from your daily life.

Whether you are looking for a fun place to take your stress out, or just a place to enjoy, there are a lot of entertainment opportunities around The M condo. If you think this is it, the place where you would like to spend the rest of your life, secure a viewing appointment at your convenience now!

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