iii cuscaden

The eye-catching III Cuscaden at Orchard

Orchard Road Singapore, as most of you are familiar with, is an exciting venue to be spotted in the tiny city state. Whether you’re here for the purpose of weekly entertainment, a retail therapy that you needed badly, as a neighbourhood resident or as a foreign tourist, there will always be non-stop action and major activities in and around.

Therefore, a higher demand in the prime residential properties to cater for home buyers of surrounding regions such as Indonesia and Malaysia will be anticipated. Higher than expected visitor numbers to this part of the city has been increasingly positive over the years. For that reason, we expect the III Cuscaden by SL Capital to do well going forward.

This brand-new project is adjacent to one of the largest and most swanky shopping malls in the region and Orchard MRT Station is only a stone’s throw away from the new residence.

Characteristics of the III Cuscaden units

The condo units available in this development are not the type you are so used to. They have a variety of unique smart features that make them outstanding and irresistible. If offers you a combination of services that you would otherwise receive while residing in a rental apartment as well as a landed home. The structures are made with tinted full-glass panels and few dazzlingly-shaped sky terraces while accommodating a roof-top infinity pool. The design is crafted to endow the residents with a sumptuous living encounter. The interior as well as the exterior are decorated with refined ornaments and furnishings to capture the attention of passers-by.

The core source of fascination for III Cuscaden is the magnificent view of scenery coming from all possible angles. The design further extends to the adjacent area such as the characteristically conceptualised infinity pool that has a unique shape made of glass and terracotta finishing. The kitchen designs are distinctive and the bedrooms are of a considerable size. Each and every home in this category comes with a top-quality smart home feature and switches for the colour schemes used in the interior and those of the exterior.

Make this place your home?

It is equally important that you do your research thoroughly about the property you want to purchase prior to any commitments. Verify that the information you have is accurate and review the features of the property. Evaluate if it has all the features you are searching for in a home and if it suits your family.

If it’s for the purpose of asset investment, arrange for a viewing with the professionals. Let them go through this freehold development with you and calculate if it is a worthy cause.

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