Reasons on Why You Should Choose Park Colonial Condo

Hello! When you’re looking to buy a matrimonial home with your life-long partner, you might not be able to find as many options that are suitable within your budget in Singapore due to the higher cost of living here. There are some compelling reasons that you should also look forward to buying a condo such as the Park Colonial Condo by CEL instead of a public housing dwelling in the neighbourhood town. Below are some great reasons why choosing a Singapore condo could be the right choice for you and your family.

Lower Property Taxes

Since property taxes are based on the overall value of the property, the condo taxes are worth more or less the same as public housing since HDBs can fetch above a million dollar nowadays. The taxes are really insignificant due to the size of the condo and other factors including the cost of the condo, amenities and the overall area in which you’ll purchase. Assessed home value and resale levy will play a crucial factor in how much you will be taxed for your property. However, Condo owner’s taxes will always be similar to the amount of owning a public housing.

Park Colonial’s Security

Owning a private condo here increases your security with the toughened fence-up border. In addition to the fact of having on-site security guard round the clock in Park Colonial Condo, it actually deters any criminals’ would-be away from the condo compounds as well.

When you’re looking at the condo building in the development, you will see several other neighbour units close-by each other and with a tight knit community within the entire site, each and every resident will be able to look out for one another. By residing in a private condo will surely provide you and your family a higher level of security than you would get by living in a public housing family home.

Maintenance of Park Colonial Condo

While you’re living in a private residential development, it takes away the headache of having to worry about the maintenance of your property. If there are any pools on the premises the MCST will make sure that the maintenance of the pool is taken care of, as well as other communal areas of the building. This is why you pay maintenance fees in the first place, so that you don’t have to worry about doing the work yourself as you would with a HDB home. By residing in a condo premise, you’ll never worry about watering the grass, picking unsightly weeds from the garden, mowing a lawn or cleaning a pool or any area outside of your residence too!

Amenities of Park Colonial Condo

Monthly maintenance fees from Park Colonial Condo residents includes paying for the water, trash removal and security among other things. These are areas you won’t have to worry about while living comfortably at home. Although these fees are usually higher than what you would have to pay as compared to living in a HDB, you are actually paying for the convenience and amenities within the development as well. It comes with a full suite of facilities for residents to enjoy while you’re back from work or during the weekend gatherings with your friends and relatives. Apart from having such convenience in your own backyard, there is also the prestige of living in Park Colonial Condo due to the premium status.

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