The Artra Condominium

Where is Artra Condo?

The Artra is a brand-new mixed-use complex with the Tang Group, located in Redhill right beside the Rehdill MRT station in Singapore’s District 3 precinct. The full site area extends across over 90,000 square feet in Singapore’s District 3 precinct.  This development will include brand new residential condo units, as well as a swimming pool, a tennis court for residents, multiple three-story-high Sky Terraces, as well as a Sky Terrace spanning the entire 24th floor, and an indoor gym for use by condominium residents.  The entire project will also house a Supermarket, 15 restaurants and retail shops, and a childcare center.

Competitive Bidding for the Coveted Artra

Bidding was competitive for the coveted Artra property. This was likely attributable to the property’s desirable location in Redhill, as well as the property’s convenient access to the MRT train line. There were 10 total bidders for the plot of land on which the Artra will be constructed, and the top five bids were separated by a scant 5% margin. This suggests that the bidders place aggressive bids in order to up their chances of securing this premier piece of real estate.

Why is this location so highly sought-after? Firstly, ARTRA is conveniently-located near a major transport network, allowing tenants with personal vehicles and those without convenient and easy access to other parts of the city.  Specifically, the Artra will be located only three MRT train stops away from Tanjong Pagar and only four stops from Raffles Place.

The Artra will also be a convenient and short five- to ten-minute drive to Orchard Road, Raffles Place, and Sentosa for residents with private vehicles. The Arta is also located close to shopping malls, including Tiong Bahru Plaza, Queensway Shopping Centre, and IKEA Alexandra Central.  Moreover, the Artra is also located near a number of reputable schools, such as Gan Eng Seng, Alexandra Primary School, Zhangde Primary School, and Crescent Girls’ School.

What Sets the Residences of the Artra Apart?

The residence of the Artra are laid out in a way that is both beautiful and functional. The well-planned layouts utilize the space in a way that maximizes the opportunity for family bonding and relaxation. Offering master bedrooms that are equipped with both a walk-in closet and an expansive balcony, these master suites are truly an oasis of comfort and style.

Moreover, these residences offer a number of valuable amenities in the building. Along with the shops, childcare center, and retail outlets discussed above, residents will have access to a tennis court, indoor gym, family pool, BBQ pits, function rooms, and a kid’s playground. There are also several Sky Terraces interspersed throughout the building, one of which spans the entire 24th floor and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Some of these Sky Terraces even include indoor gardens, where residents can indulge in being surrounded by natural beauty in any weather.

The Artra offers a truly luxurious, convenient, and all-inclusive housing option in one of the most sought-after areas in Singapore’s District 3 Precinct. There are a number of floor plan options available, ranging from 786 sq. feet and 2,583 sq. feet of living space, so you will be sure to find the right-sized home for your family in this brand-new and stunning building. For more information, or to request a brochure, please visit us or arrange a viewing with us online.

The Opus at Tanjong Katong

The Opus at Katong, a stunning condo will be built on 16 Amber Gardens (former amber park) in Singapore. The boundary of the entire amber road area comprises of only a few stretches of road including a roundabout. Hence, the exclusiveness due to the small community of residents here. Other than the few strips of road, it is also surrounded by Mountbatten and Tanjong Katong Road leading you back home as a future resident here.

The ever popularity of Tanjong Katong, all thanks to the historically rich culture in the eastern part of Singapore. The neighbourhood was always admired for their rows of beautiful Peranakan shophouses, an amazing architecture of the yesteryears.

Location of The Opus

It is also under the planning area of Marina Parade, a proud district 15 area which is in between the City Centre and Singapore’s Changi Airport. The locale of The Opus at Katong is already a champion site to modestly begin with. A coveted address, one of the best and highly sought-after with a tranquil environment surrounding the development.

With a plot ratio of 2.8, developer will be building almost 800 beautiful homes on the piece of freehold land, while spreading across four luxurious looking towers. It will certainly be an eye-catching condo development you won’t be able to miss when you’re around the vicinity.

There will also be many layout configurations planned for The Opus at Katong so that none of the buyers would be left out due to limited choices. You can be a proud owner of this condo even when if you have a smaller budget as there will be a one bedded apartment for the singles or retail investors to the higher price tag of five bedded apartment for the larger families.

In working along with one of the best architects in Singapore, the building structure will be tilted to allow the maximum exposure towards the sea. Most of the households within the condo will be able to enjoy the sea breeze and the beautiful view of the morning sun together with your loved ones.

Facilities and Amenities for The Opus Resident

As a resident of The Opus, there will also be plenty of facilities in your own backyard such as a huge swimming pool, indoor gym, clubhouse, barbecue area, garden maze, jogging track, playground for the kids and a rare tennis court.

If the above facilities are not able to satisfy you, fret not as you’re a neighbour of East Coast Park. The most famous beach in our eastern shores, you will be able to enjoy the various activities including water sports for your adrenaline pumping high or having a peaceful stroll along the beach with your family during the sunset moment. All this for the price of nothing if the lifestyle you’re so desperately asking for in times of the stressful society we’re currently in.

Do not hesitate, indicate your interest for The Opus at Katong now!

New Release Condo at Margaret Drive Singapore

New Release Condo at Margaret Drive Singapore – In the Middle of Queenstown

A spanking new condo development will be release for sale after the coming Lunar Chinese New Year in 2018. It is well positioned in the strong heritage culture of Queenstown Planning Area, this fresh face residence along Commonwealth Avenue looks promising to be the most hype-up development in this year, as the developer had wanted to create an iconic masterpiece since having made waves in the local property market scene in 2013. (We will touch on this later)


price versus location

When you’re out looking for properties to purchase, be it for long / mid-term investment or for your own living with your loved ones, the very first thing to come to mind is the price and followed by the location of the development. Yes, No, Maybe? It doesn’t matter because this two comes hand in hand for almost everything you could’ve imagined. Nothing is free if you want something good and nothing is cheap if you wanted the best. So how do we balance these weighing factors? This is where the location factor sets in to differentiate the price value of your choice.

Especially in our land scarce urban city…


This new release condo by the name of Margaret ville is one such development that you can seriously consider given the strategic site it is sitting on currently. They are conveniently situated in the middle of two MRT train stations, Commonwealth and Queenstown. Both within a short stroll away distance, they are able to ferry you to our current central business district and the future second business district in 4 to 5 stations away respectively.

How’s that for a location? If you are too near, the price premium shoots up like a sore thumb, if you’re not that near, it balances up but for this new project, it is slightly different from the rest especially those in the east as our second CBD is in the west. So, it actually became a very interesting locale to be in when you are right smack in the middle from both of them now.

Besides the district 3 label we have here instead of the prime 09, 10 and 11, there are more than enough amenities and facilities around the vicinity. Firstly, we are only 10 mins drive to Orchard, 5 mins drive to both Holland Village and Alexandra Village Cluster. Secondly, a short walking distance to Dawson Hawker Food Centre and 24 hours Supermarkets for your daily necessities. What else do you need?

If you are a parent with school-going children, fret not. There are good academic institutions in the neighbourhood such as Crescent Girls’ School, Fairfield Methodist, Anglo-Chinese School, Tanglin Trust School, Gan Eng Seng and Zhangde Primary.

This area has what it takes to be one of the most promising precinct and coincidentally, it has been sold to MCL Land back in 2016. A market leader known for building top quality properties and at a reasonable price point for home buyers. Apart from their recent fully-sold developments such as Lakeville, Lake Grande and Hallmark, the most talk about will be the J Gateway project back in 2013 when all 738 apartments were sold in the first day of release.

If you are looking to purchase a unit for your loved ones from this reputable developer and at a very nice location minus the premium, you have to act fast and register your interest with them as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.

Property Managements in Singapore

Top 10 Property Managements in Singapore

Singapore has one of the best markets for buying and selling of properties. The housing markets in Singapore are highly successful because of the upward trend that exists almost always. The biggest pillars behind the successful marketers are the property managers of Singapore. There are also other factors such as proper market awareness, investments of big shots, profitable ventures and investments that are made accordingly and so on. However, all these factors will not end in fruition without the existence of qualified property managers. So here we are going to see who property managers are and what is their role in the real estate markets of Singapore?

Property Managements in Singapore

Property Managers:

So who are these property managers and why do they exist? Markets are vast and complex environments. It has a lot of investments that are made by a lot of customers. The process that takes place in the market is interconnected which makes the job of the market professionals tedious. This is where property managers come in. They manage, control and oversee the affairs of the markets and take care of the need of the clients. They also make sure that every action is made accountable, irrespective of who the performer is. Since property managers are neutral people, their actions in most of the cases are unbiased and perfect focusing on the overall welfare.

Property Managers in the Singapore Real Estate Markets:

Before we get to know the property management in Singapore, it is important that we know Singapore is one of the best places where high-level management training programmes are conducted. This makes property developers and managers highly efficient and effective. This is probably one of the reasons why Singapore markets are strong despite odd markets conditions

  • Here are the top 5 institutions that provide property management training:
  • Kaplan Higher Education Academy
  • Tourism Management Institution of Singapore
  • NGEE Ann Polytechnic
  • National University of Singapore
  • Trent Global College of Technology and Management

Apart from there are many other training institutions that offer exclusive property management training course all around Singapore. These institutions provide quality education that in turn helps quality management in Singapore and for professionals around the world. Now that we know the intuitions, here are the top 10 property managers of Singapore. Most of these are renowned organizations. Property management as we stated earlier is an arduous task and you need multiple professionals to complete the process. Here goes the list:

  1. Abacus Property Management
  2. JLL Singapore
  3. Savills Residential Pte Ltd
  4. Rhodo Property and Estate Management
  5. Exceltec Property Management Pte Ltd
  6. LHN Group
  7. HBA Group Property Consultants Pte Ltd
  8. AMK Auto Point
  9. Colliers International Pte Ltd
  10. Knight Frank
Singapore's Real Estate Market

All That You Have To Know About Singapore’s Real Estate Market

In case if you are interested in understanding the global real estate market or interested in the economic affairs of Singapore you are at the right place. Real estate market is the housing market of Singapore. Most of the times we mistake real estate as a field that is tough and hard to interpret. But that is not the reality. By understanding a few things like market fluctuation, the influence of money market and share market in housing market and the demand and supply chain of investors and sellers, we can easily understand how the real estate market functions. In the event of understanding real estate of the global platform, it is imperative to know about the Singaporean Economy and the influence of housing market on it.

Singapore's Real Estate Market

Here are the few things that you have to understand about the real estate market in Singapore:

The Singapore’s real estate market includes all sorts of investments that people make in condos, apartment, independent houses, flats, lands and much more. All these put together will have an impact on the economy of Singapore. This sets the trend of the real estate market. If you have you understand the housing sector in Singapore there is one thing that you have to know mandatorily. It is the public housing system that widely exists in Singapore.

Singapore and public housing:

In case if you didn’t know earlier, more than 80% of the people who live in Singapore live in government housing sectors. These sectors that are taken by the government authorities are called Housing Development Board. There are about 23 town and 3 estates that are spread across the island. The 23 estates that are located on the island comprise of more than a million houses. The best part about being in a housing development board is that they are well developed and so cool for accommodation. They are vibrant and affordable as well.

The idea of government housing system came as a result of the homelessness the people of Singapore were going through before the 1980s. The whole world is well aware of the fact that Singapore is an island that saw steadfast development in a couple of decades. From the state of being an under-developed state, it is now a developed nation that highly contributes to the world economy. The GDP of the nation stands at 18.2, which as of 2017 is 3 fold higher than the GDP of India. So back to our point, the idea of development came in the year 1964. From then on there is no turning back. The best part is that it is affordable for people who belong to the different section of the economy.

The popularity and the win-win situation that is created by the government, makes people highly welcome the idea of Public housing. So as far as the world knows, it is the idea of public housing that has made the housing markets of Singapore highly successful.