riviere condo by frasers

Dismantling the old zouk and erecting the riviere condo

While we might have an endless list of things to pay full attention to, your place of abode should not be on the sideline. Your place of residence has a psychological effect on you and it goes a long way in determining your taste, standards, class, interest and seldom, the kind of job you are doing, or may likely do. Therefore, maximal scrutiny needs to be done before you choose a particular place as your residence. You consider the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats and ensure there is a balance before you make your choice.

However, in order not to worry or bother too much thinking on the best place to live, we have brought you some golden information about what represents perfection for a resident.

Situated within the heart of Robertson Quay precinct and planted on the Jiak Kim street corner stands the new Riviere condo. This hospitable residence is exclusively built with a layout distribution of 1 to 4 bedrooms (your choice prevails), structured with two 36 storey towers and solidly burying it foundation on a site area of 145,117 sq. ft.

This edifice contains up to 455 residential homes, allowing a whole lot of people to avail themselves with such wonderful apartment. So much to say, the condo is a made-for-more apartment having everything a resident would need. One of its unique characteristics is its awesome architectural design that avails its resident with wide and interesting view of the Singapore River.

With full consideration of the beneficiaries, it is situated a little distance from the well-known traffic of the Kim Seng and Havelock road eliminating the offensiveness of noise pollution. In a bid to emphasize its strategic location, it enhances businesses and commercial activities carried out by its occupants due to its excellent connectivity to major roads. The popularly known Orchard road is very accessible from the Riviere, consequently linking residents to East Coast Parkway, Marina south station, Shenton way station etc. The benefits of the Riviere and why it stands out from other residence cannot be exhausted. It uncovers a whole lot of interesting events for people who live there. A critical look into its reliability got these itemized:

1) Excellent educational facilities: How much effect an environment will have on the children is one of the basic thoughts of the parent while making choice for an apartment. They seek to explore if the effect will be a positive one or a deleterious one. And one of the way this thought is harness lies in the assessment of how close the educational institutions are to the apartment and how much the environment will aid the learning of their ward. That barrier alone is surmounted already. The Riviere condo is rightly standing on an environment that maintains proximity to primary schools like River valley primary school, St. Margaret primary school and Outram secondary School among others for quality preliminary education. For an accurate furtherance, there are tertiary and postgraduate institutions that are just a stone’s throw from it. Institutions such as Nanyang academy of fine arts and University of Chicago Booth School of Business etc.

2) Numerous shopping centers: One of the major problems some people suffers in their residence is the struggle that comes while trying to buy some basic needs. Stocking and re-stocking constant goods like edibles, clothing, cosmetics and so on. This is not the case in Riviere condo, there are many malls situated around it like Great world city mall, The Cathay, Plaza Singapura, the CenterPoint, Heerens etc. You won’t have any major challenges in securing goods.

3) Relaxation Parks: The overwhelming structure of the Riviere in itself is enough for a fascinating view, there are many wonderful parks around for maximum comfort and relaxation. A four minutes’ drive from Riviere condo gets you to Fort canning park too!

Many can still be said about this wonderful home outlet. Your decision to give it a trial could be your best decision ever made from now.

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