2018 New Condo Real Estate Investment Likely to Hit an All Time High in Singapore

With many predictions on the way for the rise in the Singapore condo housing market, there is certainty that there will be a huge growth in the private housing sector. With projections going back and forth about how high the market will grow in newly developed real-estate investments, the accuracy of expected growth may be a little modest for the Singapore area, given it being a desirable place to live in the region. Amid all speculations of how well the real-estate market will turn out coming into the conclusion of 2018, it’s likely that Singapore new condo development real-estate investments market will be at an all-time high in the multi-billion investment range.

How high these investments are likely to grow?

The real-estate investment projections for the Singapore new condo developments such as Amber 45 by UOL located at 45 Amber Road are expected to grow more than 20-25% which can bring up to more than $60 billion dollars in newly developed condo real-estate investments. 2018 rightly follows 2017 for investment growth, which 2017 has seen more growth in investments in condo properties up to 15%, since 2016. The elevation of real-estate investments for 2017 was due to the upturn of the real-estate condo market. After a decline, it is expected that in 2018, the number could be at an all-time high, even higher than it has been collectively in the three prior years combined.

These projected gains in real-estate investment market will carry on and even gain more momentum as 2018 nears its end. This successful investment projection gain will likely be driven by investors that will set the foundation for the upcycle in the new development condo realty market. Elevations in the market will be highly clear with a great total of investments in the private condo real-estate market. Collectively for all types of real-estate in the Singapore market it will show even higher numbers of investments across all types of investable properties in the Singapore area.

Expectations for 2018

In 2017 the new condo development private housing sector made up around 40% of actual investments in residential condo real-estate investments. Investment sales for 2017 was capped at nearly $40 billion which was at the best investment sales since 2006. Investor in condo realty are going to show that they are still interested in the market despite the growth in price. Investor are expected to take their chances in the market, with the positivity that the new development condo real-estate investment market will hit an all-time high in 2018 and stay that way for years to come.

The expectations of developers for this all-time investment high to take place, will be effective through the replenishment of their land sites and new developments. With fierce competition in the new development condo real-estate market, developer’s investments in their land is what is likely to set this 2018 investment cap into place, making it a better year than in 2017. However, efforts by both investor developers and buyers, will make this more likely to happen sooner than the end of the year with an even higher investment in newly developed condo real-estate across Singapore.


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