waterfront property

Have you heard about this upcoming waterfront beauty at Keppel King’s Dock?

Are you a Singaporean and a great real estate enthusiast? If you are, I am sure you would love to know more about the latest offering at our harbourfront precinct.

Check this out, a joint venture residential project by Mapletree and Keppel Land: The Reef at King’s Dock

You will get to know more about this waterfront beauty today!


About The Reef at King’s Dock Site: The History

Discovered by Captain Henry Keppel in 1848, the now Greater Southern Waterfront (GSW) had since gone through many major transformation changes throughout the years.

In 1913, the Keppel harbour was home to the second-largest dock worldwide. As such, it became a renowned linkage for commercial Asian suburbs. Fast forward to current times, the surrounding shipping activities will be moved over to a mega port in Tuas.

What was once only a passageway for ships between South China and Malacca now features one of the best, beautiful, modern-styler real estates in Singapore. Speaking of the best, The Reef attained such recognition as the product of a joint venture partnership along with a historic harbour and reputable organizations. Mapletree and Keppel are both an award-winning real estate developer thus the success of The Reef condo is just as expected.

Nonetheless, owing to its powerful backing, this luxurious waterfront development sits on a massive 300,000 square foot land of captivating, culture-rich landscapes.

What housing opportunities are there at The Reef Condo?

According to Architectural blueprints, the Reef at King’s Dock will feature:

  • A block each of 5-storey, 7-storey, and 10-storey apartment blocks
  • Two blocks each of 2-storey & 3-storey condo
  • Three blocks of 8-storey condo units


In all, homebuyers will have a chance from a total of 429 houses on a 99-year tenure.

Activities around The Reef at The King’s Dock

In addition to the Reef’s beauty and waterfront perks, it is close to a list of exciting tourist attractions. Some of these attractions include:

VivoCity – the largest shopping mall in Singapore and it is also along the beautiful harbour. When you are having a family outing there; you can always shop for a few hours and dine at the famous Japanese restaurants. VivoCity has many other attractions such as movie theatres, food courts, huge supermarkets, and toy stores. Whatever you do, VivoCity is certainly a place for the families.

Sentosa Island- is to nature lovers why VivoCity is to fun thrillers. The spot has a nature discovery (Mega Adventure Park) that allows visitors to put their scientific prowess’s to test. It is also home to the Universal Studios Singapore at Resorts World.

If you are not aware, Sentosa is also a host to more than 100,000 marine animals at the marine life park. As such, the peaceful and vibrant island is best for family vacations and it offers many opportunities for your wards to learn new things too.

Besides Sentosa’s educational offerings, the island entails other cool activities.  Such activities include volleyball, indoor skydiving, riding on a zip wire and the aerial view from the cable car sky network is simply mesmerizing and picturesque.

Be it VivoCity or the Sentosa island: we are confident that you would enjoy living at The Reef at King’s Dock which is only a few minutes traveling time away.

For you and for your family. Watch this space for more price update going forward!

bugis shopping district

What is around The M that could make or break your buying decision

Have you heard the announcement? The M is a new project by Wing Tai Holdings Limited, slated for completion somewhere in 2024? Powerfully located along Middle Road, an area famous for a lot of young attractions, activities and some 5-star hotels. This is where The M will be in the near future.

Here are some attractive entertainment options that are currently available around the new development, and some opportunities that may arise in the future:

Public Transport Network

First thing first, with such an attractive locale, you need to have a good transportation network and The M is in close proximity to Bugis MRT station. With easy-to-access route via Tan Quee Lan street and North Bridge Road, this should be a very attractive solution for the non-driving residents.

Bugis MRT is an underground station, with direct links to both Bugis Junction and DUO Galleria. This means that the station will always be thriving with hustle and bustle of every day’s life within the core of Bugis commercial district.

The train station not only allows you to travel around the island but will also prove to be a good social meetup place, as proven by the hordes of youngsters mingling and crowding the immediate area that includes Bugis Junction and Bugis Village just across the street.

Bugis shopping district

Everyone loves shopping. The shopping district is a combination of retailers that are made inside Bugis village; thus, shoppers are able to buy items from any of the shops within the hub. It is kind of once-in-a-lifetime experience for some and is still a better option for many shoppers. This is because they will be able to find everything in a single venue, instead of having to spend time commuting to different places for different items.

The shopping district has been designed to house everything for the millennials, as well as the Generation X folks, but if you are not among these generations, you can still find entertainment options around the neighbourhood that provides some worthy nostalgic feel that you may love.

Downtown Core

The Downtown Core is the best attraction centre in Singapore, hands-down. There is just so much in the Downtown Core, that your inner child will be screaming in joy. There is just so much, that only people who have seen the area know how you just gasp in awe when you see the place, and forget everything else.

Downtown Core is a good and friendly place to take your daily life’s stress out, and to have the best experience of your life unlike others.

Orchard Road

If you tired of walking the Bugis shopping district, you can invest your time on nearby Orchard Road, where you can find discount outlets, department stores, branded boutiques, international labels and so on. It also has an entire suite of food cuisines and chic cafes, which means that Orchard Road is the ultimate decision if you just want to have a little break from your daily life.

Whether you are looking for a fun place to take your stress out, or just a place to enjoy, there are a lot of entertainment opportunities around The M condo. If you think this is it, the place where you would like to spend the rest of your life, secure a viewing appointment at your convenience now!

haus on handy by cdl

Looking for properties to invest in? We have haus on handy condo for you

The most desirable thing in life

There are certain things that a man desires in his life. Having a peaceful life and a place comfortable enough for the long term. You need to think of different sorts of possibilities for that. A soothing place with very quiet surrounding. Before settling for a home, a person looks for different kinds of convenience from the neighboring societies to the latest facilities available just around the corner. One needs to check all the possibilities, to satisfy the type of land they want for themselves and probably the next generation. The most desirable thing any person wants is to have a perfect home with a very peaceful surrounding because settling for an ideal place means deciding with a forever home. In case you are wondering about a place to settle down or to invest some hard-earned money, we have the perfect place for you.

Haus on Handy Condo

Haus on handy might be the perfect solution for all your problems. It is a slope-shaped inclined land development. That is providing you a view of the skyline as well as the city landscape. It is almost 51,000 square feet in land size. A perfect area along handy road where private residential communities cross path with huge commercial areas as well.

Perfect place for non- driving people

If you don’t like controlling a vehicle, or if you don’t know how to drive. This is the ideal solution for you. This place has a railway station just some few minutes’ walks away. There is a railway network that provides an interchange that runs on three different lines, covering almost the whole entire city state. The railway station is a few steps away from this place, providing easy access to the shoppers and residents. With the railway station right around the corner, you won’t have to worry about the transportation at all.

Educational facilities

Some very popular schools and universities are near to Haus on handy. People send their children, their kids to far off locations to have a good school for their education. But Haus on handy has the privilege to different art schools and tertiary institutions that surround them. So, you have an excellent education platform just around the corner when you choose this as your future or investment home property.

A perfect place to invest money

This place is covering both areas of private residential as well as commercial sectors. This prime district 9 has different commercial areas surrounded. A niche project of City Developments Ltd.  If you are looking for a place to invest your money, this is the perfect property for you. It has a combination of commercial as well as residential benefits. Providing a railway station just 50 meters away. A railway station that covers almost all the significant parts of the city, making it the perfect place for non-drivers.

This place is a bit away from the main road which reduces the noise pollution hence making it a very comfortable and soothing place to live in. It will be gaining a lot of commercial value with time. So, if you are planning to spend money on private properties, you should know that you are not just spending but saving your money for the future because this real estate will be gaining more and more value every day.

Haus on handy may be the most luxurious place to spend your money on. With all the benefits of covering the majority of high demanded universities and schools too. This is the perfect venue for the people who are looking to spend money on something for a better future, and this is also the ideal abode for the people who are looking for a place to settle with their families. This place is a spot covering all the public life facilities, and even providing more comfort for the people who are non-drivers.

If you pick this as your home, you’ll have the benefits of adopting a luxurious lifestyle along with the benefits of having a commercial precinct neigbourhood. Providing all sorts of facilities to the people and providing a perfect development for a family to settle for a beautiful home. I hope this will be helpful for you to realize how this condo will make your life more luxurious and comfortable as compared to all the different sorts of properties around the tiny island.

riviere condo by frasers

Dismantling the old zouk and erecting the riviere condo

While we might have an endless list of things to pay full attention to, your place of abode should not be on the sideline. Your place of residence has a psychological effect on you and it goes a long way in determining your taste, standards, class, interest and seldom, the kind of job you are doing, or may likely do. Therefore, maximal scrutiny needs to be done before you choose a particular place as your residence. You consider the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats and ensure there is a balance before you make your choice.

However, in order not to worry or bother too much thinking on the best place to live, we have brought you some golden information about what represents perfection for a resident.

Situated within the heart of Robertson Quay precinct and planted on the Jiak Kim street corner stands the new Riviere condo. This hospitable residence is exclusively built with a layout distribution of 1 to 4 bedrooms (your choice prevails), structured with two 36 storey towers and solidly burying it foundation on a site area of 145,117 sq. ft.

This edifice contains up to 455 residential homes, allowing a whole lot of people to avail themselves with such wonderful apartment. So much to say, the condo is a made-for-more apartment having everything a resident would need. One of its unique characteristics is its awesome architectural design that avails its resident with wide and interesting view of the Singapore River.

With full consideration of the beneficiaries, it is situated a little distance from the well-known traffic of the Kim Seng and Havelock road eliminating the offensiveness of noise pollution. In a bid to emphasize its strategic location, it enhances businesses and commercial activities carried out by its occupants due to its excellent connectivity to major roads. The popularly known Orchard road is very accessible from the Riviere, consequently linking residents to East Coast Parkway, Marina south station, Shenton way station etc. The benefits of the Riviere and why it stands out from other residence cannot be exhausted. It uncovers a whole lot of interesting events for people who live there. A critical look into its reliability got these itemized:

1) Excellent educational facilities: How much effect an environment will have on the children is one of the basic thoughts of the parent while making choice for an apartment. They seek to explore if the effect will be a positive one or a deleterious one. And one of the way this thought is harness lies in the assessment of how close the educational institutions are to the apartment and how much the environment will aid the learning of their ward. That barrier alone is surmounted already. The Riviere condo is rightly standing on an environment that maintains proximity to primary schools like River valley primary school, St. Margaret primary school and Outram secondary School among others for quality preliminary education. For an accurate furtherance, there are tertiary and postgraduate institutions that are just a stone’s throw from it. Institutions such as Nanyang academy of fine arts and University of Chicago Booth School of Business etc.

2) Numerous shopping centers: One of the major problems some people suffers in their residence is the struggle that comes while trying to buy some basic needs. Stocking and re-stocking constant goods like edibles, clothing, cosmetics and so on. This is not the case in Riviere condo, there are many malls situated around it like Great world city mall, The Cathay, Plaza Singapura, the CenterPoint, Heerens etc. You won’t have any major challenges in securing goods.

3) Relaxation Parks: The overwhelming structure of the Riviere in itself is enough for a fascinating view, there are many wonderful parks around for maximum comfort and relaxation. A four minutes’ drive from Riviere condo gets you to Fort canning park too!

Many can still be said about this wonderful home outlet. Your decision to give it a trial could be your best decision ever made from now.

iii cuscaden

The eye-catching III Cuscaden at Orchard

Orchard Road Singapore, as most of you are familiar with, is an exciting venue to be spotted in the tiny city state. Whether you’re here for the purpose of weekly entertainment, a retail therapy that you needed badly, as a neighbourhood resident or as a foreign tourist, there will always be non-stop action and major activities in and around.

Therefore, a higher demand in the prime residential properties to cater for home buyers of surrounding regions such as Indonesia and Malaysia will be anticipated. Higher than expected visitor numbers to this part of the city has been increasingly positive over the years. For that reason, we expect the III Cuscaden by SL Capital to do well going forward.

This brand-new project is adjacent to one of the largest and most swanky shopping malls in the region and Orchard MRT Station is only a stone’s throw away from the new residence.

Characteristics of the III Cuscaden units

The condo units available in this development are not the type you are so used to. They have a variety of unique smart features that make them outstanding and irresistible. If offers you a combination of services that you would otherwise receive while residing in a rental apartment as well as a landed home. The structures are made with tinted full-glass panels and few dazzlingly-shaped sky terraces while accommodating a roof-top infinity pool. The design is crafted to endow the residents with a sumptuous living encounter. The interior as well as the exterior are decorated with refined ornaments and furnishings to capture the attention of passers-by.

The core source of fascination for III Cuscaden is the magnificent view of scenery coming from all possible angles. The design further extends to the adjacent area such as the characteristically conceptualised infinity pool that has a unique shape made of glass and terracotta finishing. The kitchen designs are distinctive and the bedrooms are of a considerable size. Each and every home in this category comes with a top-quality smart home feature and switches for the colour schemes used in the interior and those of the exterior.

Make this place your home?

It is equally important that you do your research thoroughly about the property you want to purchase prior to any commitments. Verify that the information you have is accurate and review the features of the property. Evaluate if it has all the features you are searching for in a home and if it suits your family.

If it’s for the purpose of asset investment, arrange for a viewing with the professionals. Let them go through this freehold development with you and calculate if it is a worthy cause.

8 saint thomas

Facts you should know about the 8 Saint Thomas condo

Nearby Amenities

The Mandarin Gallery nearby offers amazing choices to select from in terms of retail and eateries. The NTUC Fair Price and the Great World City Shopping Centre are also in close proximity to offer residents a wide variety of options to shop from. There are about three prestigious learning institutions near 8 Saint Thomas such as the St. Margaret’s Primary School, River Valley Primary School and Anglo-Chinese School.

The Completed Condo

The newly completed condo at St. Thomas Walk were developed by the prominent Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited. Housing 250 residential apartments comprising one to four-bedroom unit configuration. They are strategically positioned next to the centre of the city near Orchard Road and River Valley.

D9 Location

8 St Thomas is located just a few hundred meters away from the Somerset MRT and Great World MRT station. This ideal location allows new residents to access various part of the city state conveniently via public transportation. It is a Prime District 9 property within proximity to the city centre but away from the noise and buzzing activities due to the strategic locale.

Although it is located on the “outskirts” of the city, residents will not be deprived of any great amenities enjoyed by the people in the city such as the Great Orchard Shopping Belt that can be accessed on foot from your home.

About the Developer

Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited is the proud developer of 8 St Thomas Condo in Prime District 09. The building firm has a reputation for developing quality residence as well as commercial properties which is evident in their impressive portfolio. Some of the other plum residential areas that they have developed in Singapore are the Skyline Residences, Vermont, Paterson Collection and Paterson Suites.

With the previous successful developments that they have overseen, we are confident that this new condo will exceed your expectations too. Modern architectural designs and techniques were being implemented to develop this residential property. It consists of two elegant towers with thirty-five & thirty-six storeys.

Floor plans

The floor layout of 8 Saint Thomas has been created in such a way that they can be manipulated to create the design desired by the client. The units vary in the number of bedrooms available in a single unit. There are those with one, two, three and four bedrooms including large penthouses available.

The towers are designed in a way that they appear to be facing different directions. One tower faces the River Valley Road while the other faces the Devonshire Road. Most of the residents will have an unblocked view of the city while looking out from their beautiful homes.

mayfair gardens

A Superior location at the Mayfair Gardens

Location of a home is crucial in determining the life quality. Don’ you agree? Our day to day stress levels can increase or decrease as a consequence from a good or a poor locale of one’s home. This is mainly due to the traffic, availability of public transportation options, good schools for your child that is within a walking distance, shopping centres for weekend leisure and fresh food markets accessibility by foot or a reliable way of public transport.

Additionally, surrounding sports facilities or natural assets such as parks increases the value of your property. All of these factors have a huge impact on the resident’s lives and determine the amount of spare time for different activities, as well as the overall life quality. This is one of the many reason Mayfair Gardens is an invaluable option and at a superior neighbourhood.

Vicinity of public transportation options

KTM Bukit Timah Railway Station is very close to the said housing estate, but the possibility of noise or pollution shouldn’t bother you as it is no longer in operation and even the tracks were removed.

On the other hand, the new condos are going to be in close proximity to the King Albert Park MRT Station, which is a very convenient mode of transport for the residing residents. It is connecting the area from Bukit Panjang to the Singapore Expo for your information. As a home owner from this beautiful residential development, most probably do own a vehicle of their own and they would be happy to know that the exact location is only 15 minutes away from the city centre for them. The PIE, Bukit Timah Road and Clementi Road is easily accessible from this location too!

Other benefits of this location

Owning this valuable address of Rifle Range Road, brings some other benefits as well. These includes close proximity to the Bukit Timah Plaza, having lots of fresh food stores, famous grocery stores, nice restaurants with both local and international cuisine, beauty salons, shopping centres and jogging tracks. Apart from these benefits, one of the greatest assets of this locale is the presence of many parks and gardens in the immediate vicinity.

Furthermore, this elite neighbourhood is also where the private residential developments including the likes of Gardenvista, Blossomvale and Jardin call home. There are excellent educational and personal improvement opportunities in the precinct. Some of them are only several minutes away. This is especially important for families with children. In the end, let’s point out that there is a very high demand for rentals in this zone. Therefore, putting your money into the Mayfair Gardens could be an ideal choice moving forward.

stirling residences

Top Reason to invest on the latest Stirling Road Condo

Singapore: You could be reading this if you come across the recent Stirling Road’s billion-dollar deal! By the end of 2017, a billion-dollar bid was triggered and won by both Logan Property and Nanshan Group. Queenstown will be preparing to showcase one of Singapore’s largest and finest residential project, the Stirling Residences.

It remains within the historical Queenstown Planning Area and you will see more than a thousand new apartments propping up in this area very soon. Developers were keen on building stunning condominiums in this central district and these beautiful architectural was carefully designed to complement the neighborhood’s mature and stylish nature. Every single home purchaser will have the opportunity to live in a property that redefines luxury and serenity.

As mentioned above, this is the largest and highest residential bid seen in the whole Queenstown estate. The piece of land involved in the open tender belonged to the city state and through the Government Land Sales Programme, this huge plot of land was sold to Logan Property and Nanshan Group in a joint venture effort. The struggle to secure this site was tedious and in order to win, Logan Property and Nanshan Group had to put up a tough fight against other heavyweights. According to other reports, the land parcel was sold for $1.003 billion and this project will spread across an impressive 230,000 square feet of land area.

Stirling Residences will be a great residential development encompassing everything a family need and it is an ideal investment option for both the young and the old. This huge project features more than 1 swimming pool, lush landscaping, bbq pits, tennis court, childcare centre and more!

These are the few ancillary facilities that will make your stay at home a blissful one. When it comes to the many different apartment layout here, purchasers will have the freedom to choose between one to five bedroom type. Every unit was carefully designed with space and luxury in mind. Developers have not compromised space anywhere for both big and small families! So, fear not!

What is around Stirling Road?

When it comes to comparing the neighborhood amenities, very few other places can really stand up to the generous Queenstown and it is really an exceptional private enclave to begin with. The moment you decide to reside in Stirling Residences, you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of being a part of this community. Whether you’re looking for authentic local food or a place to acquire clothing, Queenstown has it all.

To be more precise, it has something available for everyone in the family. Novelty retailers near your home would be the NTUC and Cold Storage. These hypermarkets will help you with everything and anything under the sun. Above all, you are not even required to walk far for them or even drive to reach these places.

Connectivity around Queenstown

Location is one of the key selling features along Stirling Road. Central Business District and the Downtown Core is hardly few stations away from the development site and you will be able to reach many other commercial areas within two to three train stops including our internationally recognized Orchard Road Shopping Belt! For many savvy investors, this is an almost irresistible deal and the top reason to purchase the latest Stirling Residences.

2018 New Condo Real Estate Investment Likely to Hit an All Time High in Singapore

With many predictions on the way for the rise in the Singapore condo housing market, there is certainty that there will be a huge growth in the private housing sector. With projections going back and forth about how high the market will grow in newly developed real-estate investments, the accuracy of expected growth may be a little modest for the Singapore area, given it being a desirable place to live in the region. Amid all speculations of how well the real-estate market will turn out coming into the conclusion of 2018, it’s likely that Singapore new condo development real-estate investments market will be at an all-time high in the multi-billion investment range.

How high these investments are likely to grow?

The real-estate investment projections for the Singapore new condo developments such as Amber 45 by UOL located at 45 Amber Road are expected to grow more than 20-25% which can bring up to more than $60 billion dollars in newly developed condo real-estate investments. 2018 rightly follows 2017 for investment growth, which 2017 has seen more growth in investments in condo properties up to 15%, since 2016. The elevation of real-estate investments for 2017 was due to the upturn of the real-estate condo market. After a decline, it is expected that in 2018, the number could be at an all-time high, even higher than it has been collectively in the three prior years combined.

These projected gains in real-estate investment market will carry on and even gain more momentum as 2018 nears its end. This successful investment projection gain will likely be driven by investors that will set the foundation for the upcycle in the new development condo realty market. Elevations in the market will be highly clear with a great total of investments in the private condo real-estate market. Collectively for all types of real-estate in the Singapore market it will show even higher numbers of investments across all types of investable properties in the Singapore area.

Expectations for 2018

In 2017 the new condo development private housing sector made up around 40% of actual investments in residential condo real-estate investments. Investment sales for 2017 was capped at nearly $40 billion which was at the best investment sales since 2006. Investor in condo realty are going to show that they are still interested in the market despite the growth in price. Investor are expected to take their chances in the market, with the positivity that the new development condo real-estate investment market will hit an all-time high in 2018 and stay that way for years to come.

The expectations of developers for this all-time investment high to take place, will be effective through the replenishment of their land sites and new developments. With fierce competition in the new development condo real-estate market, developer’s investments in their land is what is likely to set this 2018 investment cap into place, making it a better year than in 2017. However, efforts by both investor developers and buyers, will make this more likely to happen sooner than the end of the year with an even higher investment in newly developed condo real-estate across Singapore.


Reasons on Why You Should Choose Park Colonial Condo

Hello! When you’re looking to buy a matrimonial home with your life-long partner, you might not be able to find as many options that are suitable within your budget in Singapore due to the higher cost of living here. There are some compelling reasons that you should also look forward to buying a condo such as the Park Colonial Condo by CEL instead of a public housing dwelling in the neighbourhood town. Below are some great reasons why choosing a Singapore condo could be the right choice for you and your family.

Lower Property Taxes

Since property taxes are based on the overall value of the property, the condo taxes are worth more or less the same as public housing since HDBs can fetch above a million dollar nowadays. The taxes are really insignificant due to the size of the condo and other factors including the cost of the condo, amenities and the overall area in which you’ll purchase. Assessed home value and resale levy will play a crucial factor in how much you will be taxed for your property. However, Condo owner’s taxes will always be similar to the amount of owning a public housing.

Park Colonial’s Security

Owning a private condo here increases your security with the toughened fence-up border. In addition to the fact of having on-site security guard round the clock in Park Colonial Condo, it actually deters any criminals’ would-be away from the condo compounds as well.

When you’re looking at the condo building in the development, you will see several other neighbour units close-by each other and with a tight knit community within the entire site, each and every resident will be able to look out for one another. By residing in a private condo will surely provide you and your family a higher level of security than you would get by living in a public housing family home.

Maintenance of Park Colonial Condo

While you’re living in a private residential development, it takes away the headache of having to worry about the maintenance of your property. If there are any pools on the premises the MCST will make sure that the maintenance of the pool is taken care of, as well as other communal areas of the building. This is why you pay maintenance fees in the first place, so that you don’t have to worry about doing the work yourself as you would with a HDB home. By residing in a condo premise, you’ll never worry about watering the grass, picking unsightly weeds from the garden, mowing a lawn or cleaning a pool or any area outside of your residence too!

Amenities of Park Colonial Condo

Monthly maintenance fees from Park Colonial Condo residents includes paying for the water, trash removal and security among other things. These are areas you won’t have to worry about while living comfortably at home. Although these fees are usually higher than what you would have to pay as compared to living in a HDB, you are actually paying for the convenience and amenities within the development as well. It comes with a full suite of facilities for residents to enjoy while you’re back from work or during the weekend gatherings with your friends and relatives. Apart from having such convenience in your own backyard, there is also the prestige of living in Park Colonial Condo due to the premium status.